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How do I make sure my measurements are correct?
When you fill out your measurements in the Formify configurator, some handy measurement tips pop up to help you make sure your wardrobe fits perfectly in your room. In case of any doubt, feel free to contact us. We are happy to assist you.
How do I install my wardrobe?
Your Formify wardrobe comes with a high quality and easy to use clicking system. The drawers come pre-installed. You receive an online instruction manual prior to the delivery of your order. Are you one of those handy people who feels comfortable installing your new wardrobe yourself? We’re sure you’ve got this.
Prefer to get it done for you? At the checkout, you can opt for the installation of your Formify wardrobe by one of our independent installation partners.

How does the installation service work?
At the check out, select the installation service option. You will see different offers from our installation partners. Pick the offer you like best. Our partner will contact you to make an appointment.
Please note, to select an offer from our installation partners you must be logged into your Formify account.

What to do with fixed objects in my house that come in the way of my Formify wardrobe?
Our configurator enables you to create endless variations in your wardrobe design. There’s always a way to make your wardrobe fit into your home.
In case of fixed objects such as air conditioning or floor heating units, some extra adjustments can be necessary. Our installation partners are professionals at this. Please make sure tell us about your possible adjustments in the comment section at the checkout and opt in for the installation service. This way our installation partners will make sure to take your requirements into account when making you an offer.. Please contact us in case you have any questions prior to checking out.

Can I order samples of your materials?
Yes, you can order samples. Contact us and simply let us know which materials you are curious about. We’ll deliver a sample at your doorstep asap.
Where are Formify closets made?

Currently, we have different production facilities in the Netherlands and we service clients in the Netherlands, Belgium and some parts of Germany.
Feel free to contact us to check if we can send your order elsewhere.
What materials are Formify closets made of?
The base materials of our closets are made from 100% recovered wood: up to 90% post-consumer wood and 10% pre-consumer wood from waste flows from the wood industry or thinned wood from sustainable forestry and verge management.
The melamine facings we use are of the best quality and have beautiful colors and textures. They make your Formify wardrobe durable, scratch resistant, colorfast, antibacterial and easy to maintain.

How long does delivery take?
Generally speaking, your order will be delivered within six to eight weeks.
We keep you up to date about status changes. Before delivery, you can schedule an appointment to get your wardrobe delivered.
The delivery itself might take 15 min up to an hour, depending on the size of your order and the accessibility of your home.

You’ll need to take a flight of stairs or an elevator to get my wardrobe delivered, is this a problem?
Not necessarily, but please let us know about your situation in the comment box at the check out.
Delivery is free under normal circumstances. In case your situation requires a moving elevator or other heavy equipment, we  might have to charge some extra costs. We’ll discuss the options with you in advance.

Can a Formify closet be dismantled after it has been assembled?
Yes, just follow the assembly instructions backwards. Feel free to contact us in case you need any help.

Who designs the Formify furniture?
Our design team is guided by Robert Kolenik, a renowned interior designer within the high end interior and closet industry. Robert and the Formify team took the best of the industry and made it both more accessible and sustainable.

Can I modify my order?

After ordering a closet, your production files will be sent to our production partners almost immediately. This means modifying your order is often not possible anymore. In case of emergency, login and check your order status or contact us.

Does my Formify wardrobe come with a warranty?
Formify only uses high quality and durable materials. Our wardrobes come with a standard two year warranty for normal and daily use.

What do I do if my furniture arrives damaged?
Please contact us immediately. Send a picture of both the damaged part and the part number. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Will I be updated on my order status?
After you order your closet, you will receive email updates regarding your order status.

In addition, you can login to your account to check your order status. In case you did not create an account, please click the link in your confirmation email to check the status of your order instead.

Which countries do you offer free shipping to?
We only offer free shipping within the Netherlands. Our current delivery partners also deliver in Belgium and small parts of Germany for an additional fee of €95,-.  In some cases we can ship internationally. Please contact us for more information about international shipping.